1. one fourth, a fourth part; quarter-hour; one fourth of a year or three months; half a semester, quarter term; twenty-five cents, Sl. two bits.
2. point, direction, compass point or direction.
3. country, region, district, zone, province; area, parts, Inf. neck of the woods, part of the country; territory, tract of land, land, terrain; place, locality, section, neighborhood, block.
4. quarters
a. lodgings, lodging, lodging place, lodgment, living quarters, quarterage, rooms, accommodations, housing, shelter, roof over one's head, Inf. pad, Inf. crash pad, Chiefly Brit. Inf. diggings, Brit. Inf. digs; home, abode, domicile, domicil, residence, residency, dwelling, dwelling place, habitation, habitat, inhabitance, inhabitancy; flat, apartment, tenement, rent, walk-up, cold-water flat, Brit. chambers, Brit. apartments, Chiefly Brit. maisonette; penthouse, townhouse, suite, story, condominium, Inf. condo; chamber, room, stall, cell, cabin, compartment; nook, nest, roost, perch; address, location, situation, whereabouts, place.b.Military. barracks, billet, casern, cantonment, military quarters, Sl. the Q.
5. mercy, indulgence, favor, clemency, forgiveness, pardon, grace; mercifulness, compassion, compassion-ateness, Latin, misericordia. pity, humaneness, humanity, leniency, lenity, sparingness, mildness.
6. quadrisect, cut or divide into quarters; cut up, carve, divide into sections, section, split up.
7. board, furnish with lodgings, Inf. put up, house, billet, lodge, accommodate, bed, give food and shelter, put a roof over [s.o.'s] head.
8. station, assign, locate, post, place, situate.
9. lodge, take up quarters, take up residence, abide, dwell, live, stay, take root, settle down; make camp, encamp, pitch one's tent, Inf. park oneself and one's belongings.

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